Saturday, November 10, 2012

rednecks with bow and arrows

everybody came down to louisiana for nate jones' wedding.  while the groomsmen were distracted by dressing up and eating fancy dinners.  we escaped to go bowfishing with some of the capts i work with the oilspill.  they are professional and fantastic guides if youre ever in the new orleans area and want a wild experience call them or visit louisiana bowfishing

 meet at sun down and buy beer and licenses.  the airboat rigged with huge halogen lights

front shooting deck

bows are set up with broadtip arrows with a tethered spool

the boys: dave tormey, matt moe, bear, and wilbur.  you drive along the bank shootung redfish in the shallows

 27 redfish (red drum), 2 sheepshead, 2 black drum

 pile em up

 amazingly good night

cleaning started at 2:30am and ran til morning

wilbur on filet

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